What the F*%!K is the blog about?

You may or may not be familiar with male chastity. If you are: Great, have fun and enjoy. If you have to F’in clue what this is all about, buckle up and get ready… It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Chastity in the customary form is abstaining from sexual relations with the goal of ultimate purity. Why be pure though? Saving yourself for marriage? Being the master of your own domain? While this has been an old tradition that has fallen by the wayside, many men are choosing to enter into a chastity relationship with their significant other. Modern chastity is a tool used to show love, appreciation and dedication to your other half.

Why do this?

  • Creates and environment of trust and intimacy, no longer found in this world.
  • Re-centers your focus away from selfish pornography addictions.
  • Shifts the power dynamic to a female-led relationship, equalizing the control of the relationship.
  • Sparks new and lasting excitement in the bedroom.

Chastity is a life changing decision that will reframe your life and your significant other’s life. This is the ultimate display of devotion and dedication. Trust becomes second nature and sex becomes a state of mind rather than an expected event. Trust the process and stay locked!

How do I know what the F*!$ I am talking about?

Let me give you a look into my life. I am recently divorced from a marriage where sex and intimacy was completely devoid. I spent 8 years of my life chasing a carrot and never getting enough of what I wanted. I found my high school sweetheart and we re-kindled our relationship. She’s everything I have ever wanted and needed. Afraid to fall into the same sexual trap that I snared myself in, in the past – I introduced chastity.

My wonderful girlfriend (B) and I (M) are both young professionals. I work in a more physical, blue collar profession and (B) works in a very prestigious and professional workplace. We are both good looking and very normal people, who enjoy the outdoors as much as we enjoy doing nothing indoors. We live in the south and take every opportunity to be out in the sun, sand and water as our work schedules will permit. Let me give you a run down of the specifics of our chastity journey.

  • Chastity and orgasm control for 8 months
  • In chastity 24/7 – 365
  • Written and signed contract by both parties
  • 1 Tamper proof emergency key – (B) holds the key to the cage 24/7

We are going to get into the nitty gritty and embark on this journey together. I encourage your comments and questions and thoughts. Please keep it somewhat clean. This is not a trashy porn blog like all the other blogs i’ve seen about this subject. Thank you for stopping in and like I said… Buckle up.

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